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Double Drop Tine Deer Pedestal Mount-WWII Theme

My husband Joe, Army Veteran, has built the most unique pedestal mount for his mounted drop tine buck he tagged last year. Not only is his display impressive, but so is the taxidermy work done on the deer. When someone mentioned the display was worthy of being in a magazine, I could not agree more. I am profoundly grateful to New England Adventures for the interest in Joe’s work and being willing to share it with other hunters and hunting veterans. Joe’s passion for military history, as well as his newly found therapy of hunting, really shows in this display. As a proud wife, I could not help but want to honor him and share it with the world. He has learned so much these last couple years in his hunting game with the help of some amazing friends. We have even both learned and work as a team processing his deer together at home. He feels a lot of pride in feeding his family, which makes me proud to help in any way I can. I love seeing the excitement, joy, and even peace he gains from hunting and being out in nature.

Onto the display!

Joe has taken two old ammo crates, and with his own added shelves, has created a cabinet to display WWII memorabilia. He added LED lights to illuminate the shelves and create an aura of light to shine from the back as well. I am sure his favorite feature is the M1 Garand he took out of the safe for the pictures, but the most treasured being the blouse worn by his niece. She was a Marine who lost her life serving in Iraq.

The top shelf displays some WWII medals, such as a bronze star, air medal, and Pacific Asiatic medal. It also has my Grandfathers “V” patch and infantry badge, who fought in the Pacific in WWII. Not to mention the awesome 50cal bullet! The second shelf in a model Joe built, along with a track vehicle driver manual and an actual soldier’s payment record book. The third has a never used parachute flair dated 1945, a compass and an old postcard depicting the birth of our flag.

On the door is an authentic WWII backpack, and his niece’s Marine blouse, as well as a gift from his buddy Luke. A 1943 Ohio hunting tag!  Not only did Luke teach Joe a lot of hunting skills, but also how to properly process a deer. What a great friend.

There is also an old mortal set out, a WWII gun sleeve, and hanging on the latch is an authentic bayonet for the M1 Garand

The amazing taxidermy job was done by Joey Pavlovics at Triple J Taxidermy in Seville Ohio. He was very appreciative when I asked his permission to give him credit for his work in this piece. How could I not! It was a difficult job to do, with adding the flag, cording and getting that old boy on that mold! That deer was one tough dude. He has two broken off antlers and battle scars on his face and around his eyes. With a neck two feet in diameter, that buck was a fighter, and a monumental score for Joe.

Thank you, Nathan Larabee USMC/Ret. President of New England Adventures, for allowing me to share this with you. And as you said, our community of Veterans, current Service Members and their families as well. Would love my husband to be able to join you out there one day!

God Bless you all, and our great nation. We are forever grateful to you and your families your service and sacrifices. May your hunt bring you peace and full belly’s!

                                                                                                                                Jessica Glover

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