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Hunting and fishing has always been more than a part of my life… it is my life.

The outdoors is a family tradition that was passed onto me as a young girl. I remember sitting on my dad’s shoulders while he was kicking brush piles for cotton-tails. As I grew older, hunting intrigued me to learn as much as I could about wild game and wild places. I have fond memories of hunting small game like rabbits, pheasants, and squirrels to waterfowl, turkey, white-tailed deer, and black bears. The hours I spent in the archery stand, sometimes even studying for school, just deepened my love for hunting. I learned so much more than just toting around a shotgun, rifle, or bow. I learned conservation, respect, and most of all, patience. Good things do come to those who wait! Now that I have a daughter, I continue to pass on that tradition.

New England Adventures
Meg with her daughter deer hunting.
New England Adventures
Meg (left) with sister!

When I wasn’t hunting or at the range getting ready for the upcoming seasons, I had a fishing rod in my hand. I was either on a stream or on a boat! I might even say I love fishing more than hunting (but I’m on the fence)!

I was very fortunate to have a late friend of my father to instruct me for several years on fly fishing and fly tying. At the early age of nine years old, I sat behind a vise every Sunday for several winters and was mentored by a professional fly tier and lifelong angler. Roger knew my entire family who I had never met. I might have heard more stories about Homer, Slim, The Four Mile, and an old CJ7 Jeep than about fishing or tying. From these lessons, I learned so much more than just how to tie a Wooly Bugger fly; I learned how to cast, drive line, half hitch by hand, tie flies without a vise, and teach my father everything he knows about fly fishing. I even showed my big sis, Liz, a thing or two! She ran with it and started Driftless Fishers, LLC, a woman owned and operated fly fishing outfitter in Iowa. Even when the casting and tying lessons were done, there was something Roger taught me; something that everyone can take a lesson or two on; a lesson of happiness. Find what makes you happy, discover what makes you whole; take a moment for your own health.

Everyone should experience hunting or fishing… at least once. Try it, test it out, and you just might like it, actually, I know you’ll love it. Find the outdoor thing that makes you happy. It’s a therapy, it’s a classroom, it’s a passion, and it’s whatever you want it to be! It can be a family event or a lone hunt or fishing trip by yourself.

I know how important the outdoors is to my family and I. I realized how important the outdoors is to veterans also, when Todd first reached out to me. I instantly connected with the mission of New England Adventures; Connecting Veterans to the Wilderness!

Loving the outdoors, taking new challenges, testing yourself, being confident while crushing or not crushing it at all, is all about the wilderness. I didn’t learn to purr with a mouth call the first time I tried it (or even several seasons later), I didn’t master a roll cast the first time I tried it, I didn’t pull a back tension release without almost knocking out my front teeth the first time and neither will you! But your’re out there wearing camo, stripping line, hanging stands, and being happy! You can carry yourself into the wilderness to find yourself, help yourself, and love yourself. You’re not alone. We’ve all conquered the challenge and we all keep coming back for more. It’s in my blood, it’s all I know and I’d love to share my passion with you all! New England Adventures is the perfect opportunity to connect to the outdoors. The NEA Team is here to offer you hunting, fishing, and family outdoor events. Try it, you won’t be disappointed.

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Tight Lines,
Meg Grossman

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