Additional Resources

We Are Here To Help Veterans

Both in the outdoors and at home!

We have some resources that we recommend for support.

American Legion Post 338
Southwick, MA
Best Jobs for Returning Service Members
The Complete Homebuying Guide for Veterans
Clear Path For Veterans
New England
Brandon Bregel
Combat Veterans Motocycle Association MA Chapter 2-1
Disabled American Veterans
Westover Chapter 11
Michelle Barret
(573) 355-6076
Katie Hanna
Client Services Specialist
(978) 422-9064 Ext. 28
One Call Away Foundation
For Crisis Help: (413) 367-8738

Veterans Services
Raymond Dunham
(413) 263-6500 Ext. 6595
VA at New England Adventures
RehabSpot at New England Adventures
Team RWB
Springfield, MA
US Family Health Plan of Southern New England
Free Grants For Vets
Holyoke Rows
(413) 539-0068
Christian DiLuzio
(508) 277-7316
VFW Department of Massachusetts
Veterans Count
555 Auburn St.
Manchester, NH 03103
(603) 315-4354
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