Our community is growing and here’s what people have to say about experiences with New England Adventures!

“Had a great weekend with New England Adventures at Woodstock, CT. Was able to enjoy the outdoors with my family and not worry about the minor things like preparing food or setting up shelters. Everything was provided and our only “job” was to enjoy ourselves with fellow vets.
Thank you New England Adventures for our first, but not last, outing with you.”
Patrick M.
“We went on the family retreat this weekend out in Woodstock CT. It was a wonderful chance to connect with other military families both for my spouse (veteran) and our children! New England adventures provided everything for a great relaxing weekend. We can not wait to attend another event and see our community again.”
Kimberly B.
“It’s a great group and it has a positive atmosphere. Highly recommended.”
Willie L.
“Just spent 3 days and 2 nights with a great bunch of fellow Veterans. New England Adventures is a non- profit run by Veterans group. I was lucky enough to spend a few days of outdoor camping, bonding with fellow veterans of differing backgrounds, and doing some pheasant hunting as a bonus.
Our host was the Swift River Sportsman’s Club in Belchertown. They raised money from club members for birds and had volunteer dog handlers, they were exceptional, and shared their facilities and knowledge with us.
Thanks to Todd Crevier and his staff of volunteers, veterans themselves, for their dedication and passion for their dream of helping veterans get into the outdoors and enjoying what it has to offer. Todd is the president and founder of the group and the most amazing cook. Up before dawn to prepare breakfast and working until after dark to keep us more than well fed.
Nightly fireside ribbing of missed shots at birds and laughter with the dog handlers and fellow vets…thank you for the opportunity New England Adventures.”
Dick McQueston
2018 Pheasant Hunt

“Thank you so much to New England Adventures and all the staff and volunteers who put together the Deer Camp this year in Otis Ma. This was the first real outing I have been on in nearly four years and the company was the best part. The experience was a ton of sheer joy with life around the camp. Hunting was a side note in comparison to the camaraderie that was shared between the Vets able to attend. Thank you for what you do and stand for, I look forward to more NEA events in the future. See you at the game dinner!”

Jonathan Compton
2018 Deer Camp

  • Jonathan Compton

Boston Bowhunters

This young man bought the Boston BowHunters donated bow. Opening morning in Vermont, he scored a 130 pound, 6 pointer with the bow! Congrats and thanks for supporting New England Adventures!